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  1. Kevin Higgins

    If you were Jiminy Cricket, you would shit your pants, right...About...Now.

  2. Rayyan The ps4 player

    Is this meant for kids

  3. Twisty99

    Where is teddy now?

  4. 星宮モカ

    That's one big fat tapir

  5. Pyrotechnics

    Good god

  6. Gabriel Ginyard

    Did the sex

  7. Gabriel Ginyard

    Drinking pee from a Bucket

  8. Fish Salami

    I cant stop laughing

  9. Andrew Pineda

    So its arm basically have alien hand syndrome but its smart

  10. Infinite Lifeline

    Hippo reverse to oppih I heard is as Oppai Hippo is kinda thicc My rule34 sense is tingling It created a thicc hippo Now peepee became hard..

  11. Guest1

    Even the commercials are funny.

  12. Retro

    And that’s were killer clowns come from

  13. Pulse Fang

    You won't hate the children Teddy....

  14. Axolotl love :3

    Wow cool

  15. antimatter beam

    The first time seeing u talk on aw ton of shrooms this is to much

  16. Food Flex

    I watched this when I was younger... AND U FOUND IT AGAIN

  17. Retro

    *no it’s too “long” to be ma”cock”*

  18. Jyoti Mourya

    My teddy is sick too. Yayyy

  19. The plague Gaming

    “The operation is complete now he will be happy” 1 hour later Teddy:*covered in ants*

  20. KingOfGames

    Fuck you for that back pregnancy frog thing

  21. ꧁ᴋᴀᴇʏᴀ꧂

    Why can I smell this rn?! 😭

  22. Kittycake Plays

    I just realized that jerry stuck an egg in his mouth and spat it out

  23. OssamabinKenny

    3:40 thanks to all the tentacle hentai I watched "ironically", the Polykite warm gives me wood!

  24. Sage of Four Winds

    "That's what a shit load is: one kings loaf" I love it and I'm stealing it.

  25. Rozen Maiden

    "Goodness girl, you huge." "Is that your friend? Or is it your butt?"

  26. Korok Seed


  27. Its_cxrxmel

    Okay but this is literally just an alternate version of dhmis

  28. Lord Shrimp Ramen

    Sir you fucked me up when I was little

  29. yohanan harvey


  30. Vigul

    2:33 LMFAO starboy

  31. Dakota Jones

    _turns out i've been "intense negative pressuring" the wrong way for over 27 years. this is gonna take some serious retraining._

  32. ryleigh sus

    im questioning if those are real organs

  33. CommieKiller3000!!!

    it took me 20 seconds to actually let the joke sink in and realize he was really making this stupid yet hilarious joke

  34. Zero X

    Why is Zefrank1 so good at singing

  35. MsSaraKirkpatrick


  36. MsSaraKirkpatrick

    Dammit, Jerry! Get it right! One minute in, and we're already yelling at you MULTIPLE TIMES!

  37. Hisoka Simp

    When you remember oppai means boobs in Japanese

  38. Queeni dragon

    Learning about pangolins always makes me sad because all species of pangolins are endangered because poachers boil them alive to harvest their scales for fake medicine

  39. GAME-X AD

    Teddy is still alive?

    1. Twisty99

      Probably not

  40. GAME-X AD

    Now teddy is dead

  41. Cthulhu

    The one thing about all this that shocks me is that right now, as a manager at a wendy's, I'm just as important as idk a literal doctor. Because we're both essential. :^)

  42. Kushal Kumar naidu

    I don’t know why ,every moment is trippy 😂😂😂😂

  43. A Giraffe

    A giraffe approves this video.

  44. Brooke Gaskin

    it's pronounced mihcackinyermouth

  45. Daniel Pirone

    Thank you

  46. ImCallingJapan

    Morgan Freeman been at the coke again.

  47. Stormy Davis

    God I want to go to therapy so I can call the therapist a brain witch despite their repeated insistence I stop.

  48. Butcher Beaver

    4:20 FISH POG

  49. я ненавижу крыс и шляпы

    idc what you say this is satisfying

  50. vanniah1

    🤣🤣🤣 I feel so wrong. How did i end up here watching this? What is wrong with you? Hahhaha 😅. Goodnight

  51. NirvanaKartana

    My favorite part of every video is *bebes*

  52. Bailey Thompson

    This is creepy

  53. NirvanaKartana

    Legit could pass as a pretty cool sci fi creature

  54. Miko Nugget

    "Teddies crotch unicorn" I- CROTCH UNICORN!?

  55. Anthony Larose

    Who’s in middle school and still loves their teddy bear-->

  56. Alisha Patterson

    Genuine confusion until the middle of the video

  57. Kiyotaka Ishimaru

    I love this video so much.

  58. L

    PT 2

  59. robert thomas

    It's such a good surgery vid

  60. Chro ma

    That's one weird kink

  61. Muglorgrimlockable

    8:30 I rewound and even slowed it down me and the misses are dying and also copying it all day going randomly.....BLBMBMBLL

  62. Access to Success

    Is the real Hart

  63. turkie Gamers

    Teddy's @$_#@ is healthy wow he has good imaginations totally not knowing what that means

  64. Ariq Syauqi

    Is that a new species?

  65. Halbchatten Mörker

    what am I watching lol

  66. ghost of falcon the kina litch


  67. ghost of falcon the kina litch


  68. Bentley Redwood short videos

    What the hell

  69. Namaku gurl

    -replays video-

  70. Namaku gurl

    I swear the creator lowkey burst out someones body open and took all his guts and randomly makes a video

  71. Belias Phyre

    *** Looks up from sitting in the bathtub with a muffin. ***

  72. Christian Terry

    This tongue will blow your mind. That’s what she said

  73. Maribel Manuel

    I've been watching this for many years now still i love this video

  74. Dasani WaterBottle

    This is the same person who made Teddy has an operation

  75. David K. Storrs

    This got more and more disturbing as it went in, yet I couldn't look away. Very well done!

  76. Renate's World


  77. goldilox369

    Is that tripe under the bon bon layer?

  78. ricardo ludwig

    Fun fact! The portuguese word for tapir(anta) is commonly used to call someone an idiot, as tapirs tend to be kinda stupid and predictible

  79. Silverwing179

    Dude I just finished some drugs and if an owl comes to rip my face off, we're gonna have to talk...

  80. Silverwing179

    As it turns out, the siphon also functions as the octopuses butt. So it's got a penis for an arm, the rest of which are also part of its brain. It's got a razor sharp beak with venom glands and a sharp radula. And its butt is up in its head (mantle.) Man these things are weird.